ZyLAB Receives Highest Rating in Research Firm’s E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2009 MarketScope

Posted on December 23, 2009


Great news yesterday:  for the 3rd year in a row, ZyLAB reveived a “Strong Positive” rating in Gartner’s “MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2009” report (Debra Logan, John Bace, and Whit Andrews, December 21, 2009).  The report also stated that:  “When one considers the number of lawsuits that are ongoing or are begun in any one year, it is clear that e-discovery needs to be treated like any other business process. Opportunities for efficiency and cost savings must be sought wherever possible, which is what e-discovery vendors try to address.” This is exactly what ZyLAB communicates to the market: eDiscovery should become part of your daily operating procedures. One should prevent business interruption and management distraction by being litigation ready!

According to the MarketScope, “Recession has accelerated the move to in-house e-discovery and more companies have brought, or are considering bringing, e-discovery in-house. This report will help enterprises build a business case, create a list of possible vendors and determine which ones meet their needs.” The report further states, “Enterprises purchasing e-discovery software can reduce the costs of litigation by improving their control over unstructured content, and semi-structured content, most notably e-mail. Our client references consistently report that they have cut costs and risks by taking control of litigation hold, litigation-hold-tracking, file collection, file processing and legal review, instead of outsourcing these functions.”

In the report, Gartner also provides insight on cost savings as it relates to bring e-discovery in-house. “The cost savings as reported by clients for early case assessment, along with in-house collection and preservation, can more than justify the purchase of moderately priced e-discovery software ($100,000 to $500,00), or even more expensive software. When interviewed for this MarketScope, clients reported a return on investment (ROI) within three to six months or, alternatively, after one big case, particularly intellectual property disputes.”  

ZyLAB has been a thought leader and evangelist on bringing e-discovery in-house for several years, and now with the recession and increase in law suits, organizations are rapidly adopting our platform as a way to better control their overall process and costs. Being named as ‘strong positive’ by one of the most highly regarded research firms that covers the e-discovery market offers independent, third-party credibility to our approach, technology and vision. 

So, great news for ZyLAB and for the eDiscovery market in general!