ZyLAB Conference for Law Enforcement and eDiscovery

Posted on January 22, 2010


We are pleased to announce that on April 1st, 2010 ZyLAB will organize a special law enforcement conference at the Sheraton Hotel, at Schiphol Amsterdam Attendees will learn how to perform large scale investigations – Topics for discussion are: eDiscovery systems, Text Analytics, Legal Search and Machine Translation help automate investigations

During this conference, ZyLAB users as well as other experienced users from the field will discuss relevant topics for all parties involved in fraud and criminal investigations and electronic discoveries: law enforcement agencies, forensic investigators, government and commercial organizations and criminal defense lawyers.

The following leading experts on fraud and forensic investigations, e-discovery and information governance will share their knowledge:

• European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Eric Ypperman, Analysts Team Leader – Operational Intelligence

• Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services and Forensic & Dispute Services Johan ten Houten, Manager Forensic Investigations

• Nyenrode Business University Prof. Bob Hoogenboom, Forensic Business Studies

• ZyLAB Prof. Dr. Johannes C. Scholtes, Chief Strategy Officer

More addititions to the program will follow in the next months on the following topics:

For any type of investigation, huge amounts of data must be collected. Law enforcement and security professionals are investigating large volumes of static information, or monitoring incoming and outgoing communications.

In the past, the ability to investigate this data usually meant long hours manually reviewing and organizing all the accumulated paper and electronic information, a time-consuming, inefficient, and often inaccurate way of working. How can we accelerates and automate this process? Managing and controlling electronically collected or stored information is no longer simple. Most investigative teams nowadays have tools to find and cross-reference specific bits of information among collected data, which can often appear in different languages and various formats (confiscated document collections, electronic records, e-mail messages and attachments, wiretap transcripts, hand-written notes and so on).

Join your colleagues and peers at this conference to learn about the following topics:

  • How innovative are Law enforcement and Investigative Forces?
  • Insight in the way European Anti-Fraud Office defines, manages and controls large scale investigations.
  • What kind of technology use investigative forces and regulators worldwide?
  • Information comes from anywhere: how to handle multilingual investigations?
  • Nowadays sharing and capturing of information has become extremely easy. This results in vast amounts of information. Think for instance about email.

How to find the ‘loaded or smoking gun’ without even knowing it is there?

Registration This event is by invitation only. To learn more about the ZyLAB Law Enforcement and eDiscovery Conference, or to register, please contact ZyLAB +31(0)20-7176538 or send an email to danny.schut@zylab.com.

Register early to make sure you get your seat!