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Automatic Email and Social Network Analysis

February 23, 2010


How implementing text-mining and other advanced analytics can help organizations understand complex email collections and social networks There is great interest in automatically detecting relation networks from email collections, from e-books, web-sites, blogs, micro-blogs and other social media. There are various methods to automatically measure particular properties of such social networks such as but not […]

Do you buy a car or do you build your own car? Why then build your own eDiscovery System from Individual Point Solutions?

February 18, 2010


Understand the risks of home-grown point solutions in eDiscovery and Information Management Although the opinion on the exact number differs, it is fair to say that according to a good estimate there are about 600 million cars on the planet.  Very few people build their own cars, although you can easily buy an engine, tires, […]

From Litigation Response to Litigation Readiness

February 16, 2010


Solution to Solving the e-Discovery Burden is for Organizations to Properly Manage Information as part of Daily Operations A new educational white paper (appearing in the February issue of KMWorld Magazine) that outlines how bringing an e-discovery system in-house can lead to improved information management on an ongoing basis. The paper points out that while in-house […]

How to support Non-English Language Documents in search and text analysis?

February 12, 2010


Many language dependencies need to be addressed when text- analysis technology is applied to non-English languages.  First, basic low-level character encoding differences can have huge impact on the general searchability of data: where English is often represented in basic ASCII, ANSI, or UTF-8, foreign languages can us a variety of different code-pages and UNICODE (UTF-16), […]

Are large-scale legal reviews part of an outdated law-firm business model?

February 9, 2010


During the past few months, while meeting with customers and attending trade shows in the United States and throughout Europe, I was told frequently by partners from many high-profile law firms: “large e-Discoveries and the resulting massive legal reviews are part of an outdated business model used by law firms. We may have made good […]

LegalTech 2010 (February 1-3) was a great show!

February 3, 2010


LegalTech 2010 (February 1-3) was a great show! Attendance was definitely up, we were told 30% by some people. eDiscovery is hot. Especially, “bringing eDiscovery in-house” was a theme that resonated very well. Interestingly enough, last year, ZyLAB was one of the few companies to organize an education track around this theme. Now, almost all […]