From Litigation Response to Litigation Readiness

Posted on February 16, 2010


Solution to Solving the e-Discovery Burden is for Organizations to Properly Manage Information as part of Daily Operations

A new educational white paper (appearing in the February issue of KMWorld Magazine) that outlines how bringing an e-discovery system in-house can lead to improved information management on an ongoing basis. The paper points out that while in-house e-discovery systems are generally implemented to investigate a specific legal matter, more and more organizations are looking for a solid and robust foundation from which to pursue proactive, enterprise-wide objectives for information management.

Records Management and Digital Archiving

Early case assessment, litigation readiness and compliance

 Whitepaper Section Highlights:

  • Take Control of Your Information Now
  •  Meet the Needs of all the Stakeholders
  • Litigation Response and Readiness are Moving Targets
  • Reaction Mode vs Smart, Proactive Practices

 To download the whitepaper, visit: