ZyLAB Enhances E-Mail Archiving and Retrieval Solution to Support

Posted on March 19, 2010


E-mail Archiving Bundle Supports Lotus Notes and Groupwise Archives; Provides Expanded Capabilities for Enforcing Policies and Tracking Procedural Breaches

Today, ZyLAB announced the immediate availability of its new e-mail archiving and retrieval solution to enable organizations to integrate directly from Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.  ZyLAB’s e-mail archiving bundle offers users the ability to manage vast amounts of e-mail, which helps support litigation readiness, early case assessments, e-discoveries and overall enterprise information management.

 ZyLAB’s non-proprietary, flexible and open e-mail archival and retrieval solution enable users to archive e-mail in an open standard XML format, while the e-mail itself is stored as a text, HTML, MSG or RTF file.

The e-mail information such as the sender name, subject, and date is stored as key fields in XML. Any attachments included in e-mail are saved and a link is created between the original e-mail and the attachments. Non-searchable PDF files, bitmaps, compound files, “e-mails in e-mails” are automatically processed with the help of ZyLAB’s Information Management Platform and Analytics Bundle to ensure all information is full-text searchable. In addition to archiving, ZyLAB can also perform text analytics on the unstructured e-mail. Tags are added to the documents so they are automatically structured.

 This new e-mail archiving bundle offers organizations a scaleable approach to managing e-mail  whereby users are not forced to purchase monolithic, expensive “just store everything” solutions. It provides the ability to keep or destroy e-mails based on choice rather than mailbox availability or server space. In addition, ZyLAB can now support archiving, processing and discovery of e-mails in three different ways:

  • User-based archiving directly from Microsoft® Outlook, Lotus Notes or Groupwise. From within the e-mail programs interface users can directly archive and search their e-mail.
  •  Convert PST and NSF files into fully-searchable collections of XML, native files for the attachments, and (optional) MSG files. TIFF, PDF and all other bitmap files are separated from other electronic files, and automatically made searchable. This helps users resolve liabilities due to e-mail archives that may reside on their machines.
  •  Server-based archiving copies all information that users want to archive, such as e-mails, and newsgroups from the Microsoft® Exchange Server and stored as XML files along with any additional attachments. Storing e-mail as XML guarantees compatibility with future systems without the need of expensive conversions. Information such as recipient name, sender name, date and time as key fields will be automatically added so that the archive is automatically structured.

 All our e-mail archiving and management solutions help to manage key storage issues impacting e-mail, reduce the size of e-mail databases, and address today’s requirements for litigation support and legal e-discovery, regulatory compliance and corporate governance. In this day and age where e-mail volumes continue to outpace storage capabilities, retention policies are changing and legal teams are more frequently contacting the IT department to obtain support with e-discovery preparation. Open and scalable e-mail archiving solutions are required.

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