From eDiscovery to Information Governance with EDRM and IMRM

Posted on March 24, 2010


In the last years, the EDRM organization has set the worldwide standard in eDiscovery. Before EDRM, there were 100’s of definitions and interpretations of what eDiscovery really was all about. Now, based on the EDRM model (, vendors, industry analysts and customers all understand perfectly well what they need or what a particular vendor is good by using the EDRM definitions. Also, EDRM has done a terrific job setting various standards such as the EDRM XML for information exchange and  the EDRM search query definitions.

But, ultimately, organizations must approach the eDiscovery problem with a strategy that ultimately turns it into a daily operating procedure and that ultimately helps us with methodologies toe handle the ever growing data amounts. With a proper information management plan, organizations will become proactive, prepared, litigation ready and hence more competitive. More and more parties in our industry refer to this as  information governance.

This is also the reason why ZyLAB has joined the Electronic Discovery Reference Model’s (EDRM) Information Management Reference Model (IMRM) working group. The IMRM group is focused on developing a common, practical, flexible framework to help organizations develop and implement effective and actionable information management programs. The IMRM is an entirely new reference model; a separate counterpart to EDRM.

The IMRM Project aims to offer guidance to Legal, IT, Records Management, line-of-business leaders and other business stakeholders within organizations. The Project seeks to facilitate dialogue among these stakeholders by providing a common language and reference for discussion and decision-making based on the needs of the organization. The Project has organized into six working groups, each focused on gathering input from a wide variety of organizations and experts, including analyst firms, corporations, electronic content management (ECM) vendors, healthcare organizations, industry trade associations, and standards and certification groups.

 We hope with our years of experience and knowledge as well as through the efforts such as the IMRM we can educate organizations who currently taking a reactive approach to e-discoveries.

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