Don’t forget about Microsoft SharePoint Wiki’s and Blogs!

Posted on April 15, 2010


Essential data for e-Discovery, therefore essential to include in Information Governance policies.

Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to develop and share content through wiki’s and blogs. Within Microsoft SharePoint, this is different content type that is easily overseen in an eDiscovery process or when information management and information governance policies are written, deployed or enforced. 

When your organization uses SharePoint Wiki’s and Blogs then make sure that your information management policies and system also support archiving, retention and searching of this content and do not forget about them when you are trying to make an early case assessment.

Wiki’s and Blogs often contain views and content essential to internal and external corporate communications, and much like other web content, must be considered as company records as they can lead to legal exposure. Because they are official records they must be archived and included in eDiscovery processes and in information governance policies.

Specially the requirement to archiving and manage of information for longer periods can cause problems and high costs when all data is kept within the SharePoint Server. Better is to off-load all such information into a single repository where it is kept in an open and sustainable archiving format (such as XML), including managed and enforced retention policies. Off-loading information from a SharePoint environment into a file-based open format is even easier with specialized products such as the ZyLAB’s SharePoint Bundle.

SharePoint is great for team collaboration, but after a project is finished many users need to take the information out of SharePoint and store it in an open and sustainable format. All information in the project can be exported to for instance an open file-based ZyLAB storage, indexed and made searchable. eDiscovery and retention is as easy as it gets afterwards.

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