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Faceted Search: how to go from a Static to a Dynamic Taxonomy

May 28, 2010


Many search engines used in portals are optimized to retrieve predefined, specific and precise specifications. For those instances, one must know exactly which words to use and the search result for these words will be very precise and accurate. This is “focalized” search. However, if one does not know exactly what words to use in […]

Contract and legal agreement management: An easy start for information governance:

May 25, 2010


8 reasons why your organization should have implemented an automated and standardized solution yesterday Don’t wait too long if you do not already have a system to manage your contracts and legal agreements. The benefits are clear and there are little implementation risks. Straight forward systems can be obtained from various vendors as off-the-shelf solutions. […]

Another Indirect Cost of Unethical Corporate Behavior

May 11, 2010


I am astounded by how few (relatively speaking) compliance hurdles my father’s and grandfather’s generations faced when operating their business compared to the policies in place today. In the 25 years I have been in the information management industry, I have learned to adapt to new rules, regulations, laws, and other forms of governance we […]