Contract and legal agreement management: An easy start for information governance:

Posted on May 25, 2010


8 reasons why your organization should have implemented an automated and standardized solution yesterday

Don’t wait too long if you do not already have a system to manage your contracts and legal agreements. The benefits are clear and there are little implementation risks. Straight forward systems can be obtained from various vendors as off-the-shelf solutions. More complex (S-Ox) compliant solutions that include full records management capabilities and that can handle complex retention and disposition schedules are available from a few specialized vendors. I am sure that there is a solution for your organization that is within reach!

Here is why and how:

  1. Contract management enables you to run an efficient and productive organization. Legal agreements impact all aspects of an organization: employees, suppliers, resellers, customers, intercompany relations (often with many complex fiscal consequences), and shareholders, to name just a few. These agreements protect us and provide us with special conditions, licenses, service level agreements, limits to our liability and other rights. Running an efficient and productive organization starts with managing this legally vital information.

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