ZyLAB Launches Educational Podcast Series on eDiscovery and Information Management

Posted on June 1, 2010


A few weeks ago, we launched the ZyLAB podcast series on eDiscovery and Information Management. These five to twenty-minute educational audio and video files feature interviews with ZyLAB executives such as me, but also industry leaders to provide insights about key technologies and solutions. Specifically the podcasts will focus on how best to utilize e-discovery and information management technologies to address various organizational and regulatory requirements.

The goal of this new series is to take seemingly complex technologies and demonstrate how organizations can best implement and utilize them within their environments. The first episodes focus on “Text Mining & Text Analytics”, “Data Visualization” and “Benefits of XML” are accompanied by supporting slide decks. There is a conceptual overview of the technology and then discusses specific examples of the capabilities and use cases for e-discovery, investigations and information governance.

Future podcast topics include:

  • Machine Translation
  • Exploratory Search
  • Email and Social Network Analysis
  • SharePoint Archives
  • Legal Collection
  • Early Case Assessments (ECA)

You can listen to all episodes of the ZyLAB podcast series on eDiscovery, bringing eDiscovery in-house and Information Management by visiting the ZyLAB podcast and webcast page: http://www.zylab.com/Resources/podcasts.html.

Additional great resources can be found here as well:

ZyLAB Video Case Studies on bringing eDiscovery in-house: http://www.zylab.com/Resources/video_presentations.html

ZyLAB Best Practice white papers on bringing eDiscovery in-house: http://www.zylab.com/Resources/white_papers.html

And last but not least: ZyLAB DVD with video’s, podcasts, webcasts and white papers: http://www.zylab.com/Pressroom/20100524.asp