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Learn what a negotiated Boolean in eDiscovery is all about…

July 23, 2010


Ask yourself: can your in-house search tools do this or do you have to rely on external vendors? When lawyers negotiate what data is relevant to exchange under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, they determine not only the custodians, file locations, and file extensions, but they also define a so-called negotiated Boolean query.  The […]

6 Practical Tips for Designing Taxonomy

July 20, 2010


Now I know this is not the most exciting topic, but it is worthwhile because the role of taxonomy is becoming increasingly important to the complete search experience as well as the automatic classification of documents in various applications (see also the footnote). Designing the structure for a dynamic taxonomy is not that hard if […]

To Infinity and Beyond! How to avoid eDiscovery 3D!

July 2, 2010


This week, my nine year old son invited me to see the 3D movie “Toy Story 3” with him in the movie theatre. I was instantly reminded of Buzz Lightyear’s infamous quote “to infinity and beyond”. As a trained mathematician, I have always been challenged by this concept and tried to make sense of it […]