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The expanding role of records management: creating the foundation for effective and pro-active-discovery

October 31, 2011


In today’s evolving workplace each department or ‘business unit’ is treated as its own individual business, with its own cost centre, overheads and profit targets. Although this is good for healthy profits and board level reporting, it can also be the cause of conflicting objectives and issues with inter-department communication. A legal department for example […]

Records-Management: The foundation for high-quality KM

October 25, 2011


Only when efficient records management policies and practices are in place can an organization hope to fulfill its enterprise-wide knowledge management goals. This approach has at its core the principle that “knowledge management” is really more of a conceptual ideal than an operational model. In other words, “knowledge management” is the way an organization says: […]

Towards an Efficient and Less Risky eDiscovery via an Efficient Records Management Strategy

October 18, 2011


Considering the context outlined in the previous section, any records management solution should at least adhere to the following basic principles: Creates additional flexibility regarding the way records are actually defined within the organization; Supports the management of records as they are currently used (a file plan); Provide a comprehensive and workable strategy for secure […]

The Need for Pro-active eDiscovery

October 10, 2011


Managing and controlling electronically stored information (ESI) is a matter of technology, but also of strict procedures, quality control and well-documented information management activities. ESI has become one of the most serious sources of legal exposure and risk. Technology is essential and the technology options abound: advanced culling; processing and (forensic)  full-text indexing; concept and […]

The Lost Art of Data Destruction: An overlooked key to records management and e-discovery

October 3, 2011


Although storing 250GB of data can cost less than $250, hiring an external firm to process and review this data for e-discovery can cost up to $1 million. The impact of these costs is particularly noticeable to in-house legal teams and support staff who are often at the front lines of any e-discovery activities occurring […]