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Increasing Retention Periods require Open Archiving Standards

March 6, 2014


Due to the constantly increasing legal retention periods for electronic data, more and more government organizations and enterprises have to deal with old electronic archives from which the original manufacturer can be anything from being acquired to the absence of technical support for an older version of the archive. Once the technical lifecycle of this […]

Legacy Information Clean-up and Defensible Disposition: What to do if you do not have a filing plan?

June 18, 2013


There is more than one reason to create a filing plan for your organization. Every business or program must address well-defined objectives which will add value, either directly to the bottom line or toward the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Records management programs must manage organizational information so that it is timely, accurate, […]

Here is a New Year’s Resolution: Start Cleaning up your Legacy Data

December 17, 2012


Data center consolidation, server virtualization and other IT projects can help you to better manage big data and optimize hardware and software resources, but they do not help you to reduce the amount of data. Data compression and de-duplication efforts may reduce data volumes, but they still do not address the fact that most organizations […]

Language is Not Just a Jumbled Bag of Words: Why Natural Language Processing Makes a Difference in Content Analytics

March 27, 2012


State-of-the art text analysis supports multiple languages, which is critical when investigations go global and involve collections of information in various languages. In such scenarios, the technology obviously adapts to differences in character sets and words, but the tools also need to incorporate statistics and linguistic properties (i.e., conjunction, grammar, sentiments or meanings) of a […]

Why Legal, IT, Compliance and Investigators Must Work Together!

December 1, 2011


Last week, ZyLAB’s Amsterdam team hosted more than 100 professionals and thought-leaders in the areas of eDiscovery, information management and legal technology. The delegates converged at “ZyLAB Universe 2012” which took place at the Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam. This unique professional and historic setting was a fitting backdrop for workshops and presentations from many […]

Legacy Data Clean-up: different approaches to manage different data

November 21, 2011


Tackling the e-mail problem E-mail is where the high costs and risks of e-discovery are concentrated. People keep their e-mails because it is easy, but these e-mail archives (PSTs) rapidly swell to GBs of information. Problems fester because the information in these PST folders is often completely unstructured. For example, potentially sensitive HRM-related e-mails (such […]

Factors that drive solid records management

November 14, 2011


Legal obligation Records retention always carries with it some type of legal obligation, regardless of the type or size of an organization. The de facto standard for how records-retention requirements should fit together in a comprehensive records management environment are based upon such internationally acknowledged frameworks and guidelines such as the National Archives (UK), National […]