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Dealing with Documents in other Languages

January 28, 2014


High-stake investigations and eDiscovery projects are not limited by national boundaries and no investigator can afford to miss relevant information because it is in a foreign language and the cost of translation is too high. Multi-lingual text collection hide more complexities than it initially look like, because, in addition to differences in character sets and […]

Automatic Fraud Triangle Analytics made possible with Text-Mining and Content Analytics

January 21, 2014


Economic crimes such as corruption and fraud are difficult to detect and prevent, but the financial and reputational consequences and the growing public and political demand for harsh action on corporates whose employees break the law are forcing companies to review their security and compliance policies to limit the extent to which fraud can take […]

How Technology can Help Investigators to Discovery the Golden W’s

January 13, 2014


The answers to the “Five W’s” that every investigator knows from school form the basis of the complete story of an investigation: • Who is it about? • What happened? • When did it take place? • Where did it take place? • Why did it happen? Some investigators add a sixth and seven question, […]

The Essential Role of Technology for Law Enforcement and Internal Investigations

December 16, 2013


Almost every crime leaves a proverbial “paper trail”, but when the probative information spans a vast volume of confiscated documents, electronic records, e-mail, wiretap transcripts, observation reports, cold cases, intelligence, information from telecom and internet providers, handwritten notes, audio files, pictures, video’s and social network posts, it is hard to link and combine all these […]

Handling Language Dependencies in eDiscovery and Records Management when using Content Analytics

November 12, 2010


Foreign language texts contain a lot of hidden information, making multilingual information extraction tools – and applications that allow cross-lingual information access – particularly useful. Only a few system developers offer their products for more than two or three languages. Typically, they develop the tools for one language and then adapt them to the others. […]

ZyLAB Launches Educational Podcast Series on eDiscovery and Information Management

June 1, 2010


A few weeks ago, we launched the ZyLAB podcast series on eDiscovery and Information Management. These five to twenty-minute educational audio and video files feature interviews with ZyLAB executives such as me, but also industry leaders to provide insights about key technologies and solutions. Specifically the podcasts will focus on how best to utilize e-discovery […]

Machine Translation that Works, Finally! Here is why and how…

March 31, 2010


Are you worried about not understanding foreign languages or about the high cost of translation? Do you ever wonder how much information you miss because you only understand one or maybe a few other languages? There’s a lot of positive buzz surrounding Google’s recent introduction of the new machine translation system? Many people I have […]