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Dealing with Documents in other Languages

January 28, 2014


High-stake investigations and eDiscovery projects are not limited by national boundaries and no investigator can afford to miss relevant information because it is in a foreign language and the cost of translation is too high. Multi-lingual text collection hide more complexities than it initially look like, because, in addition to differences in character sets and […]

Free report for download: How Content-Analytics can help Big-Data

June 28, 2012


The ongoing information explosion from the computer age gained significant momentum in the last decade (or so), finally reaching epic proportions and earning its own name: Big Data.  The realities of Big Data encompass both Big Data challenges and opportunities. The challenges stem from the requirements for eDiscovery, governance, compliance, privacy and storage. But the […]

Technology Assisted Review, Concept Search and Predictive Coding: The Limitations and Risks

May 9, 2012


Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is a marketing term used in the eDiscovery community to describe the process of automatic classification of documents in a so-called legal review. Similar documents are classified based on training data or seed sets. Typical classes include Confidential, Privileged or Responsive.  As the saying goes, “there’s more than one way to […]

Language is Not Just a Jumbled Bag of Words: Why Natural Language Processing Makes a Difference in Content Analytics

March 27, 2012


State-of-the art text analysis supports multiple languages, which is critical when investigations go global and involve collections of information in various languages. In such scenarios, the technology obviously adapts to differences in character sets and words, but the tools also need to incorporate statistics and linguistic properties (i.e., conjunction, grammar, sentiments or meanings) of a […]