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Increasing Retention Periods require Open Archiving Standards

March 6, 2014


Due to the constantly increasing legal retention periods for electronic data, more and more government organizations and enterprises have to deal with old electronic archives from which the original manufacturer can be anything from being acquired to the absence of technical support for an older version of the archive. Once the technical lifecycle of this […]

How to Avoid Vendor-lockup in Email Archiving and Enterprise Information Archiving

January 7, 2014


By Mary Mack Recently, a new email-archiving challenge has arrived: as regulatory retention periods only get longer, many of these time frames are now longer than the average technical life of most commercial email archiving and enterprise information archiving solutions. As a result, one should incorporate at least one and in many case more conversions […]

Legacy Information Clean-up and Defensible Disposition: What to do if you do not have a filing plan?

June 18, 2013


There is more than one reason to create a filing plan for your organization. Every business or program must address well-defined objectives which will add value, either directly to the bottom line or toward the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Records management programs must manage organizational information so that it is timely, accurate, […]

The Lost Art of Data Destruction: An overlooked key to records management and e-discovery

October 3, 2011


Although storing 250GB of data can cost less than $250, hiring an external firm to process and review this data for e-discovery can cost up to $1 million. The impact of these costs is particularly noticeable to in-house legal teams and support staff who are often at the front lines of any e-discovery activities occurring […]

ZyLAB Launches Educational Podcast Series on eDiscovery and Information Management

June 1, 2010


A few weeks ago, we launched the ZyLAB podcast series on eDiscovery and Information Management. These five to twenty-minute educational audio and video files feature interviews with ZyLAB executives such as me, but also industry leaders to provide insights about key technologies and solutions. Specifically the podcasts will focus on how best to utilize e-discovery […]

Don’t forget about Microsoft SharePoint Wiki’s and Blogs!

April 15, 2010


Essential data for e-Discovery, therefore essential to include in Information Governance policies. Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations to develop and share content through wiki’s and blogs. Within Microsoft SharePoint, this is different content type that is easily overseen in an eDiscovery process or when information management and information governance policies are written, deployed or enforced.  When your […]

The Information Management Benefits of XML: Never Convert your Data Again + 8 Other Advantages

April 7, 2010


Have you ever tried to convert 100 Gb of database, e-mail or MS-SharePoint data from an old system into a new one? It’s bad enough to have to do that once, but  converting large data collections every time your storage provider discontinues support for a version of your database or storage device is maddening. Here […]